Theme Week Outlines

One of the ways we build structure into weekly increments, is to plan out theme weeks.

We developed a basic framework for these, so that while the activities may be new and exciting, the categories repeat from week to week.

Theme Week Structure:

  • Outing – We plan at least one outing that is in line with the theme
  • Sensory Project – These vary widely, and can be anything from visual, touch-based, or smell-based usually.
  • Craft or Art Project – There is usually 1-2 of these per theme, we get a lot of idea from pinterest and tumblr
  • Optional Food Theme – As part of eating disorder recovery efforts, sometimes we include a new food to try as part of a theme
  • Optional Solo Plan – This is something to work on independently, sometimes a craft or sensory project that doesn’t require help

You can look at our planned theme weeks in posts under the category: Theme Week

Here is a blank template for anyone who is interested.


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