7 Pictures on My Phone

So there are more than 7 Pictures on my phone. More like a thousand, actually. I have trouble deleting them, even if they are backed up. Even more so, I’m showing my age by being baffled by “the cloud”. Like, I know that Cloud means information is stored digitally somewhere, but I just not quite there when it comes to using it. Eh, I’ve never been much of an early adapter anyway.

So what I did for this list was go through all 1000+ and picked out the 7 that I loved most. The number is 7 because I got tired of emailing myself images. That’s a great reason, right?

Jess and Spike.jpeg

This is my wife! Doesn’t she have a great smile? As you can see, Spike the Cat doesn’t care about looking good for the camera. In fact, he seems to resent the fact that neither of us are petting him. This is kind of an old picture, but believe me, he still makes that face.

Meesh Tattoo
Wow, my arm looks very large, but I guess it’s worth it so I can show you my tattoo! I got it this spring, and I love it! My best friend loved elephants more than I’ve ever seen anyone love an animal, so when she died, I knew exactly what sort of memorial tattoo I was going to get. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad I had worried about, but oh boy the pressure was a lot!
Cinnamon Roll Turkey.jpeg

Can you tell that it’s supposed to be a turkey? No worries, it’s a bit abstract, but they’re delicious, so it’s ok! This is the first time we’ve successfully made Gluten Free cinnamon rolls for my wife, and these turned out so well! Now we’ve got delicious pastries AND a new Thanksgiving breakfast tradition!

Baby Michi Judges You.jpeg

Would you believe this tiny judgey baby is in fact Me? Oh, well maybe you would. I’m about one here, and my sister found the photo when she was going through some old boxes. Somehow Baby Michi turned into a sort family meme, and let’s just say it gets sent back and forth a lot. 

Balloon Glow.jpeg

As you may know, I live in St. Louis, and every summer there’s a huge balloon race! The night before, they blow up all the balloons as the sun sets, and people bring picnics and blankets and just sit and watch. It’s a magical experience, one that I remember experiences during childhood, and now I get to share it with Jess (who loved it!)

Wedding Soot Sprites.jpeg

Weddings can be very stressful. Lots of people you don’t know, food you can’t predict, the music is usually loud and you have to make small talk with strangers. Not this wedding though! No DJ, no dancing, no small talk. Just Facepainters and Magicians and Sword Swallowers. They basically hired the Renaissance Faire to play the wedding. Those things on my arm are Soot Sprites, from the movie Spirited Away! I also had them on my tie, and the Facepainter suggested she give me some to match. I was so sad when they washed off!

Birthday Spike.jpeg

We started with Spike, so we’re going to end with Spike. This was taken on my wife’s birthday a few years ago. He had never seen flames before, and he was obsessed with getting close to the candle. After shooing him away a few times, we let him investigate, figuring that he’d stop when it got hot. Well, long story short, he didn’t, and this picture was taken moments before he ended up with some singed whiskers. Not the smartest cat, but he sure is cute!

Well, I hope you enjoyed talking a walk through my photo albums. In doing this I realized that while artistic value played a part in the photos that I picked, having a story behind the photo was actually more important to me. Are you a photo hoarder like me? Do you have pictures with stories? Tell me about them!

6 Word Stories pt. 15

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you all had happy social interactions and sensory friendly food. Since all of our family is back east (and because Jess works on Thanksgiving), it’s just the two of us. I love doing dinner this way because we make all the foods that we love, and I don’t have to worry about not having food I like, and Jess doesn’t have to worry about accidentally getting gluten-ed. We had a great time over the long weekend, lots of good food, reading good books, and playing board games. We also took a nice walk around town for Small Business Saturday. Supporting local businesses by buying chocolate is definitely my sort of thing! I also got a lot of writing done, which is good, because while I’m not doing a word count for NaNoWriMo, I’m still making an effort to write as much as possible.

  • Hoping new toothbrush will help hygiene.
  • Binder helps dysphoria- is sensory hell.
  • Starting holiday shopping is so exciting!
  • Waited all year for Thanksgiving food.
  • Why leave when there’s online shopping?
  • Never thought writing would be therapeutic.
  • The library is my happy place.

Well, here’s been my week in 42 words! I hope you all have a nice week- maybe getting a chance to go to your happy place. If you don’t have one, I suggest trying the library. It’s quiet and there are books!

Gratitude Gremlins

So I’m going to need you to stick with me when I say that I have Gratitude Gremlins. The definition of a gremlin defines it as “An invisible being, that causes problems or difficulties”. And let me tell you- gratitude definitely causes me difficulties.

It’s not the concept of gratitude that I struggle with. I’ve lived through 29 Thanksgivings, with their required recitation of things we’re thankful for. I’m pretty sure for at least 25 of those, I’ve been grateful for my cats. Which says a lot about who I am as a person.

My problem is gratitude within the scope of mental health. Starting off my day reciting 3 things I’m grateful for seems forced. I think gratitude is much more authentic when it comes spontaneously. In fact, I would go as far as to say that pushing yourself to rack your brain for something you’re thankful for kind of defeats the purpose of the exercise.

I prefer to express my gratitudes as they come. “I love your hair!”, “This pie is delicious!”, “What would I do without you?”, “You’re hilarious, I love it!”. “I love you”. When I think something positive about someone, I tell them. It’s good for both of our souls.

That being said, I am thankful for many things, and I’d like to share a few of them with you.

  • The Cats- they keep me warm, give me someone to talk to, and they make me laugh.
  • Jess- my wife, my humor twin, my soulmate, my interpreter to the world.
  • My team- the doctors and therapists that keep me going.
  • My recovery- my life is so much fuller when it’s not filled with an eating disorder.
  • Coffee- for reasons I should not have to explain.
  • My Dungeons and Dragons group- they provide socialization and epic adventures.
  • The kids I volunteer with- they’re funny and unpredictable, they keep me moving!
  • My City- for giving me opportunities to get out and do stuff.

Honorable mention includes the Gluten Free cinnamon buns we made, they were amazing!

I hope all the Americans here have a happy Thanksgiving, and to everyone else, Happy Thursday! As always, I’d love to hear about your Thanksgiving traditions, favorite foods, and what you’re thankful for!