Holy Guacamole

“Do you want guac with that?”

Oh how I wish I could

I have sweet memories of the

Creamy richness of avocados

The contrast of hot chiles

Of sharp lime

And the coolness of guacamole

Mexican food has not been the same

Since adulthood came

And the hives arrived

Oh how I want guac with that

But I am allergic to avocados

Simmering Acrostic 

Simmering Acrostic 

Sometimes I let things simmer instead of dealing with them.

It can be tempting to think that this a good decision.

My brain has an anxiety side, an eating disorder side, an autism side.

Mostly these sides know that processing things is the right thing to do.

Every once and a while though they forget that simmering is not the same as being ok.

Rolling boils were once simmers, and I need to remind myself of that more often.

Identity: Nothing

When I saw Identity I thought

Well that’s perfect

Identity is all I write about.

But I thought and I thought and I found


I dug deeper and deeper

Through the autism

Past the eating disorder

Quietly skirting the edges of trauma

Then I swam through the murk of Lake Non-Binary

And still.


I can spit out a

Thousand words on fragments of myself

But they won’t fit together

And I can’t get rid of any of them because they’re


Turns out too many somethings can sometimes look like



For now I am content with being

able to identify my fragments


And know that as long as I have them

My identity will never be






Daily Prompt: Disobey

This is Disobeying 

To disobey is to go against an agreed-upon rule and

Social rules make up most of our lives

So when I don’t make eye contact with you when we talk

This is disobeying.

Social rules are so deeply ingrained in society that

Most people aren’t even conscious of them

So when I have to ask what to do in a social situation

This is disobeying

It is a radical idea to suggest that

There is more than one way to communicate

So when my body language is made of up of stims

This is disobeying

To disobey is to challenge people’s perspectives

To disobey is to feel uncomfortable but keep going

To disobey is to celebrate your experiences

To disobey is to be okay with who you are